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Pre-Drywall Home Inspection


A pre-drywall home inspection is a crucial step in the new home construction process. This inspection takes place after the foundation, framing, roof, windows, doors, plumbing rough-ins, electrical rough-ins, and HVAC rough-ins have been installed, but before the drywall is hung. During the inspection, our certified inspectors will examine the home's structure, systems, and components to ensure they meet industry standards. This inspection can help identify any potential issues while the areas are still easily accessible for repairs. This helps to resolve issues before they become larger problems and potentially cause delays in the construction process. 

New Construction Bundle Savings

To ensure that your new construction home is built to the highest standards and your builder is held accountable for any defects, we highly recommend three separate inspections that are completed throughout the process. These include a Pre-drywall inspection, Final New Construction inspection, and 11th Month Warranty inspection.


King's Guard Home Inspections offers a 20% discount on the Final New Construction inspection and 11th Month Warranty inspection for clients who book their Pre-Drywall inspection with us. Schedule with us today to take advantage of these savings!

Save 20%

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