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Certified Mold & Air Quality Inspector
IAC2 Certification

Mold & Air Quality Testing


Mold spores are virtually everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. They are usually not a problem indoors, unless the spores find moisture and begin growing. For homes on a crawlspace, about 50% of the air indoors comes up from the crawlspace, so this is important to consider if the crawlspace is not humidity controlled.


Mold exposure can cause health problems, particularly for individuals with compromised immune systems or for those that have respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies.

How We Test For Mold

We can perform surface sampling for any visible concerns, as well as take air samples to test for mold contaminants in the air. Air testing is the best way to understand total exposure because mold is not always visible in a home.

Our tests are sent to a lab for analysis to understand if mold is present in the sample. The detailed lab report will outline the type of mold, if found, along with a description of the possible health impacts.

Air Sampling Pump used in our home inspections
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